In Progress & Under Review

Zywica, J. (under review). Family involvement: An approach to connected learning in kindergarten. Journal of Research in Childhood Education.

Zywica, J., Gomez, K. & Matsumura, L.C. (in progress). Using social media to build strong, caring relationships in a kindergarten community: Supporting the transition to kindergarten through community building. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

Zywica, J., Francis, C. & Roberts, A. (in progress). Working in the open: New pathways for professional learning. The Qualitative Report.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Zywica, J., Gomez, K., & Matsumura, L.C. (in press) Media literacies as pivots for “opening up” the figured world of English Language Arts. International Journal of Learning and Media.

Zywica, J., Richards, K., & Gomez, K. (2011). Affordances of a scaffolded social-learning network. On the Horizon. 19(1), p 33-42.

Zywica, J. & Danowski, J.A. (2008). The faces of Facebookers: Investigating social enhancement and social compensation hypotheses; predicting Facebook and offline popularity from sociability, self-esteem, and extroversion/introversion; and mapping the meanings of popularity with semantic networks. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication. 14(1), p 1-34.

Zywica, J. & Gomez, K. (2008). Annotating to support learning in the content areas: Teaching and learning science. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. 52(2), 155-168.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Zywica, J., Francis, C., & Roberts, A. (in press). Building a foundation for impactful work – a design jam. Paper presented at the Games Learning Society Conference 10.0, Madison, WI. June 10-13.

Zywica, J., Roberts, A., Keylor, E., Davidson, D. & J.P. Gee (2013). Working Examples: Come play with us! In Willams, C., Ochsner, A., Dietmeier, J., & C. Steinkuehler Conference proceedings. Paper presented at the Games Learning Society Conference 9.0, Madison, WI. June 12-14 (p. 412-417). Pittsburgh: ETC Press.

Herman, P., Wardrip, P., & Zywica, J. (2012). Motivation in the learning sciences: Connecting to practice by design. In ICLS 2012 Proceedings, Vol 2. Paper presented at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences. Sydney Australia, July 2-6. (p. 246-250). International Society of the Learning Sciences.

Zywica, J. (2011). Digital media and learning: Approaches for educational researchers. In Proceedings of the 2011 NCTEAR Conference. Paper presented at the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research Conference, Madison, WI. February 18-20. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center.

Book Chapters

Gomez, K., Bernstein, D., Zywica, J., Hamner, E. Lee, U.S., & J. Cunningham. (accepted). Robotics Community Experiences: Leveraging Informal Design and Learning Experiences to Motivate Urban Youth in STEM. Handbook on Research in Robotics and Mechatronics.

Levinson, A., Stringer, D., Zywica, J., Matthews, J., Barron, B., Martin, C.K., & Rogers, M. (2014). Be a voice not an echo: Supporting identities as digital media citizens. Chapter 6 in Barron, B., Gomez, K., Pinkard, N., & Martin, C.K. (Eds.), The Digital Youth Network: Cultivating Digital Media Citizenship in Urban Communities. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

Gomez, K., Bernstein, D., Zywica, J., & Hamner, E. (2012). Generating technical knowledge and engagement in robotics: An examination of two out-of-school programs. Chapter 11 in Barker, B.S., Nugent, G., Grandgenett, N., & Adamchuk, V.I. (Eds) Robotics in K-12 education: A new technology for learning. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Gomez, K., Sherer, J., Herman, P., Gomez, L., Zywica, J., & Williams, A. (2010). Supporting meaningful science learning: Reading and writing science. Chapter 4 in Rodriguez, A. (Ed.), Science education as a pathway to teaching language literacy. Rotterdam, Netherlands: SENSE Publishing.

Sherer, J., Gomez, K., Herman, P., Gomez, L., White (Zywica), J., & Williams, A. (2008). Literacy Infusion in a High School Environmental Science Curriculum. Chapter 5 in Bruna, K. & Gomez, K. (Eds.) Talking science, writing science:  The work of language in multicultural classrooms. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Magazine Article

Zywica, J., Roberts, A., & Davidson, D. (2013) Working Examples: A vehicle for building radical innovations to change education. Educational Technology. 53(6), p 12-18.

Other Publications & Writings

Zywica, J. (2013). Using social media to connect families and kindergarten classrooms. (Doctoral dissertation). The University of Pittsburgh.

Zywica, J. (2007). Facebook prom queens: Personality, self-esteem, and the desire to look popular in cyberspace (Master’s thesis). The University of Illinois at Chicago.


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