Connecting Families and Classrooms

One of my goals is to create rich, connected learning experiences and new pathways for learners to pursue interests and develop knowledge and skills. Recently, I co-designed a classroom project with four kindergarten teachers called the Family Share Project (FSP). The project used social media to help connect home and school learning and get families more involved in their child’s learning. During the FSP, families were asked to post content online that would be used to help teach a unit on families in the classroom.  You can learn more about the Family Share Project and my research study by browsing my Examples.

Results from my study showed that the FSP provided new opportunities for families to participate directly in their child’s classroom work, and increased parents’ knowledge of other families in their child’s class. The FSP also provided teachers access to families’ ‘funds of knowledge’, which helped to contextualize content learning in the classroom and individualize conversations between teachers and students. Parents, teachers, and students learned more about one another, which in turn, strengthened the kindergarten community.

You can find all the details in my dissertation and some evidence in these slides, specifically slides 24-51.

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