Education Consultant. Designer of Learning Experiences. Researcher.

Hello! I’m Jolene Zywica. I design and study creative solutions for engaging and inspiring children and adolescents, helping them to be resilient lifelong learners. To meet this goal, I support educators implementing creative solutions – the parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators that play an important role in shaping kids’ lives. I specialize in…

  • using digital media, social media and games to promote content learning, digital literacy, connected learning, and family involvement
  • designing learning experiences that encourage critical thinking, exploration, and connectedness between people and life spaces (i.e. home, school, community, the environment)
  • working with educators and professionals to support their learning and growth, particularly when it comes to using digital tools for learning, working in the open, and developing educators’ own creative identities

Thanks for exploring my site and getting the low down on who I am and what I do. You can learn more about my past, current, and future research projects here.

Do you have something you’d like to ask me or are you interested in collaborating? Email me at jolenezywica at gmail dot com.



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